Our advantages

In our work we integrate the interests of the medical and pharmaceutical societies with the aim to make innovative products and technologies available to consumers in the Russian Federation, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

 We value and respect our employees, we are in favour of modernization of today’s healthcare system and expand consistently the scope of our interests and competences with a strict compliance with business ethics.

For partners:

  • More than 20 years of successful work on the healthcare market
  • Paramed is an active participant in the system of pharmacy and hospital distribution in the Russian Federation
  • Paramed has an individual approach to projects with the aim to develop the most effective promotion strategy for each product
  • Impeccable business reputation

Widely known in the medical community

For doctors

  • Specialized training programs for doctors, nursing staff, pharmacists and healthcare professionals
  • Furnishing of full information about all clinical studies of our products
  • Support to the researches on practical efficiency of all our products, including scientific and practical researches

Target programmes of support to and development of young professionals

For patients

  • Products offered by OOO Paramed passed all clinical trials of their safety and efficacy
  • We provide complete information about the products
  • Consumers have the opportunity to get medical advice on the usage pattern of the products
  • Paramed daily hotline: +7 495 781 84 79